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Double Trouble

Romances for our time by Geoffrey Rivett   

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Last October

Katie, smart, sexy, sassy and fun, was no man’s push over.  A thinking man’s crumpet, she is warm, thoughtful and philosophical.  She reads the Kama Sutra and has her own ideas on courtship rituals; rather rough and edgy.

Peter helps her to get over an abusive boyfriend, but how do two strong people learn to relate to each other?  Will he or she lead, as they explore the type of life they want?  What man would not want her even that the price she demands?  What woman would not find Peter good husband material?

Double Trouble

Bruised in love in the early years of her medical studies, Alison Holt is not going to be hurt again.  Intelligent, conscientious, sleek and attractive, she will lead a double life and make herself financially secure as a high class hooker, before she qualifies.  Half Italian, she can adopt an Italian identity for her extra-curricular activities.  She is going to be the best, whether as a student or a harlot.  But being the best has its hazards.  Being desirable makes her desired and forces her to rethink what she wants from life.  And Alison is not going to settle for a second best career or a second best man.


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